Thank you, Sveneric


…was a strange and sad day for the world of the Bujinkan.

Today, was Sveneric Bogsäter’s final regular day training in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. I got to know of this last week Sunday and there was absolutely no doubt, that I would go and join this training. The news saddened me. Sveneric was and is not my teacher, but his being, his wit, his wisdom, his knowledge was always inspiring. 

Every organization eventually becomes political and grows sensitivities… I never saw and heard anything about Sveneric being part of that. It may not be good to put people on pedestals, but if someone from the Bujinkan should be put on one, it is him.

I still remember the day I cheered, when my former trainer Ricardo told me that he was going to invite him to Hamburg for a seminar. A year before, I went to Apeldoorn and I was astonished about meeting this real person, who undoubtedly is someone a lot of people looked (and still look) up to, being calm and humble.

In 2015 he was the first outside of the family I sent a picture of our then newbown baby girl. They share the same birthday and in 2016 I went to Apeldoorn again for a day training. A year later, I took my Godan test and I was so nervous. I had two attempts and passed under another daishihan, however it was him, who calmed me down before the whole procedure started.

After 2017, I always wanted to attend one of the day trainings, but never made it… telling myself „I will go next time“. Another lesson learned from this man, without him actively having taught it or without having told me: „Do not postpone anything you want and can do!“.

This Saturday, I went to The Netherlands with two dojo mates and it was like a class reunion. I met so many people I know who came from Denmark, Belgium, Austria to attend and honor this extraordinary man in a dojo for a final time.*

It was an emotional class, I saw people having tears in their eyes before and after training… and these people coming from places farther away is proof of what he means to all of us.

I think, everyone will have this in mind: Thank you, Sveneric. For inspring each and everyone of us. Thank you, for lessons actively or passively given in taijutsu or with food for thought and heart. You will be missed in the Bujinkan world!

Thank you for another lesson today „There is no need for being aggressive. What is the opposite of aggression and hate? Love!“. Enjoy being finally retired!