When buyu think of you: Bujinkan Toronto Facemask

I „only“ know Fabio Hernandez from Social Media. We got to know each other via Instagram and kept on chatting.

Last year one of our members went to Canada and actually trained under Fabio and he was excited of the training and about Fabio.

Last year I received a t-shirt from the Bujinkan Koroku Dojo, which I proudly wear during our training and to seminars. Vienna, Kyoto, Hamburg and Toronto are my most favorite cities and as a kid until to my twens I used to visit my relatives in Canada almost yearly.

It is so good to know, that additionally to visiting family that I have a dojo to go to in Toronto, once travelling is possible again.

All the more I was surprised by this wonderful gift: Two face masks, which are going to be useful during our times. Bonds are formed, even if you haven’t met the people in person.

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