Getting to know and staying in touch with nice people

Lots can be said about the Bujinkan, but one thing is for sure, that you meet and connect with very nice people. I met Jasper Holm for the first time at the Sanshinkai in Göttingen 2012. It was a great seminar with Duncan Stewart, Doug Wilson and Oliver Piskurek.

Since then I got to know a fine gentleman and an experienced practioner of our art and met him in several seminars. I also could welcome him in my dojo, when I hosted Moti Nativ and Luke Molitor for evening workshops in 2015 and 2019.

Last weekend the Szanshinkai in Göttingen took place with Kostas Kanakis, Thomas Franzén and Oliver Piskurek and on his way back to Denmark he made a short stop over in Hamburg, where we spent a very nice evening in a sushi bistro in Hamburg.

I am looking forward to meeting Jasper again and perhaps you will soon hear about a workshop with him in our dojo!

Jasper Juhl Holm:

Duncan Stewart:

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Thomas Franzén:

Doug Wilson:

Oliver Piskurek:

Hokkai Sushi Hamburg:


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